• Officers

    • William Morgan Sr.


      Joseph Vislocky
      Vice Commodore

      Barry Scott
      Rear Commodore

      Bill Ortman
      Fleet Captain

      P/C Conrad Ragone

      Thomas Malone

      Dr. Barry Cohan
      Fleet Surgeon

      Michelle Martin
      Honorary Commodore

  • Board of Governors

    • Kimberlee Bosley

      Clement Gathwright

      John Hall

      Keith Lessner

      Kent Terry

      To Be Announced

  • Mates Officers

    • Lori Ostendarp
      Mates President

      Debbie Penczek
      Vice President

      Sylvia Terry

      Pat Hodges
      Financial Secretary

      Sharon Schepers
      Recording Secretary

      Colleen Smart
      Member at Large

      Kathy Kammann
      Member at Large

      Mary Monte
      Member at Large

  • Princess


      Princess Madeline

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